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Dubai Interior Design Service U.A.E

                       Our commercial interior design(ers) are trained to ensure that everything within the physical structure is safe and up to code. we are heavily involued in the renovation and construction process. Work closely with our manufacturers to make important structural  decision including architectural details, lighting, floor and ceiling design, window placement option, and technological upgrade.

Once the construction phases is complete. Bahr Al Ibdaa then transforms the physical structure in to a living and breathing space in the decorating process. We choose motifs and styles that suits the needs of the business, and then bring it to life with the right color scheme, furniture, fabrics, wall and window treatment, artwork, accessories, and finishes.

What Makes Us Unique

Establish relationship between man and it’s environment is our uniqueness in giving the best for our clients. The entire commerical interior  design is made by our efficient workers under our command head.

We believe in making the best out of every space and structure out a quality standard to keep our clients expectation. We undertake our client projects by focusing on

  • Most experience workers.
  • Flexibity and passionate team
  • Giving the job to trust worthy.
  • Accomplishment of the job.

We find it  a delight to work for our clients because, we have this passion and aspiration in giving out our best result when it comes to designing commerical interiors. Under the superivision of our project manager and manager representative. We desingn carefully and develop the best design taken to consideration our client’s ideas. We will be glade to meet and take up the job to meet your imaginative expectation.

Workplace optimization is Bahr Al Ibdaa  essential focus when it comes to any of your office fit-out plans. Our team design the lastest and most elegant interior for your office after gaining new experiences from previous project. In commerical we are very profession in,

  • Office  fit-out
  • Office design
  • Dubai Design and Fit-out
  • Interior Design
  • Fit-out permission by approval authorities

Our projects

Check out the difference between residential and commericial interior design. While residential interior designers focus on homes, commercial interior design conceptualize space for businesses. Is the distinction really that important ?(yes)http://blog